Vanessa Way (International Dressage Rider) 23rd August 2013
Kwillow Powder completely cleared up my young horse's mud rash after several different products failed! A fantastic mud rash solution.

Harvey and Ann Wilson (International Show Jumpers) 4th August 2013
Hi, Harvey and I have had great results using Kwillow for many skin conditions and wounds in horses. Kwillow is so easy to apply and works like magic.
And can be used with confidence pre race or competition.
It IS great stuff! Regards Ann.

Tanya McGinty, Marvae Arabian Stud 16th April 2013
About 4yrs ago, after battling mud fever for months and other similar type fungal infections with my horses I was told about Jenny Klemra's powder - "Jened's Powder".

So I went and got a bottle from Jenny and have been using it ever since! I had tried all sorts of creams and old remedies and nothing seemed to work or if they did you had a huge battle trying to get a youngster to stand there while you try and apply it. You just get all the infection off and then the leg flares up as its open skin it seemed to be an endless battle!

This powder is so clean and easy to use, you just dust in on (which is great for youngsters like we have here) and dont have to try and pick at the infected area which makes life a lot easier for us and happier horses! I have also used it on minor cuts and it seems to help keep them clean and heal quickly.

Would happily recommend this to people, and I do!

Zandra Cook, Inglewood 11th April 2013
A few years ago over winter, I was looking after a couple of ponies for a family and when they arrived, one of the ponies was suffering from mud rash.

At about that time I had happened to see a small advert in the Horse & Pony Magazine about someone advertising a powder to help cure mud rash and recognising it as an Inglewood phone number, I rang it to find that Jenny Klemra answered.

I purchased a bottle of Jenny’s powder and started using it. It was truly amazing. There was a marked improvement by the next day and within a very short time the mud rash had totally gone.

All I did was wander up to the paddock, catch the pony and puff the powder on the affected area then take the halter off and walk away.

This was hassle free for both me and the pony.

The ponies had their winter coats and no rugs, so their legs were hairy but I did not do any trimming or washing; absolutely nothing, just puff and that’s all.

If I hadn’t seen the dramatic results for myself I would not have believed it.

I have been involved with horses and ponies for all of my life did my Pony Club and showing years and now breed a few Purebred Welsh ponies.

This product is so simple to administer and the outcome is, as I said, truly amazing.


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