Gwynneth Cundall 4th November 2014
Great customer service once again from Jenny Klemra. Supplier of Kwillow Powder (previously Jened's powder), the best product ever for mud fever (and I've tried almost everything on the market). If you have troublesome mud fever and haven't tried this product I highly recommend it. No mess, no fuss, and no hassle for the horses as you simply puff the powder onto the affected area. Available from the website www.kwillowproducts.com - check out the testimonials and results.
This testimonial was published on Gwynneth's Facebook page on 4th November 2014

Leanne Cooke, Secretary, NZ Hack & Pony Council 16th September 2014
Your product is amazing we have used it at work and I have used it personally on my horses at home, have never seen a mud fever product work so well.
Kind regards
Leanne Cooke
NZ Hack & Pony Council

Kelly Mason, Manager Kelaray Stud NZ/AUS 22nd June 2014
Just an update for everyone....
Out of all the products i used.. I must say.. when i asked for help. I ended up using a new product to help me with our young gelding who had the most awful Rain scald when he arrived from Australia.
I had tried Iodine Washes, Malaseb... plus an assortment of other products.. to many to list! And had gotten no where...
Personally i can now highly recommend "Kwillow Powder" To say this stuff is truly remarkable, would be an understatement!
After 2 days of applying this, my little Chino was happier for me to touch his back and hindquarters, and it started to "lift"
After a week, Most of the scabs had lifted off and i could actually brush him without him flinching.
Last weekend i clipped his upper body, and the rest of the rain scald simply came off. The only telltale signs now are the Spotty colours on his back and rump. Which should now go away.
Our little Chino has a super shiny coat, an is a happy boy once again.

Thanks so much to everyone for your valuable input.
I can highly recommend Kwillow Powder... to anyone who has this issue!

Kelly Mason
Kelaray Stud NZ/Aus

Peita Kensington, Director HORSESALE.co.nz 11th January 2014
Yes it certainly has (cleared up the rain scald). It was amazing!! After the first application I could see it drying his rain scald and then like a week later 90% was cleared up just needed coat to grow back :-)

Please see "before" and "after" images below (click on image to enlarge). The second image was taken approximately 3 weeks after first use of product and you can see the horse is sporting his new summer coat.

Rain Scald before treatment of Kwillow Powder Taken approximately 3 weeks after first treatment of Kwillow Powder

Lisa Cox, Makawa Arabian and Jersey Stud 6th September 2013
I have used Kwillow since back when it was known as Jeneds powder for years now.
This product is just amazing.
I totally swear by it for treating mud fever and that annoying rain scald on ears.
It is so easy to use and does not stress the horses out when applying it like the countless other products/methods always did that I had tried prior to discovering it..
I can not recommend Kwillow highly enough!


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