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Amelia Houston 18th August 2016
Hi Jenny,
This is a fantastic product! I saw definate improvements in my young colts rainscald and mud fever in a matter of days. Its especially excellent for young horses who have not been handled a great deal, because its a powder, all I had to just puff it at the areas with mud fever without having to get in there and scrub it with a wash soultion. Seriously awesome product! Highly recommended it to anyone wanting a super easy remedy for both rain scald or mud fever!
Be in touch when my bottle runs out :)
Kind regards
Amelia Houston

Jan Sanders 16th August 2016
Abderry – we are Horse Trainers/Educators as well as being a busy Equestrian Centre.

Based near Pukekohe, we have been using Kwillow Powder for a few years now. We have found Kwillow to be an excellent remedy for cases of ‘rain scald’ and for other similar bacteria based skin problems in horses.

As we prepare many horses for travelling overseas, we consider it very important that they leave NZ looking their very best. Kwillow certainly plays a major part in their preps when skin conditions need treating.

Kwillow also finds its way, when needed, to local horses staying here for Agistment or Schooling, or at our HorseHotel when their humans are away. Very easy to use, and well priced, we are happy to endorse Kwillow to you.

Jan Sanders
Abderry - Horse & Rider Training

Helen Udy 20th April 2016
I am so impressed with the Kwillow Powder! The heat and swelling was gone within in 2 days and the tacky soft skin started to harden. I'm picking a sign that it had started to kill the mud rash? With moving my applications were sporadic and the weather being warm and wet was not very conducive to healing a fungal infection, however the Kwillow Powder still worked like magic! Kind regards, Helen Udy.

Catherine Bew 23rd August 2015
Your mudfever powder is amazing, its a real issue here in subtrop Northland, you just made that aspect of my equine care one whole lot easier, results so rapid, thanks so much! Catherine.


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