Kwillow Powder completely cleared up my young horse's mud rash after several different products failed!
A fantastic mud rash solution.
Vanessa Way (International Dressage Rider) 23rd August 2013
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Kwillow Powder - BUY NOWKwillow Powder is made in New Zealand.

As well as Horses, Kwillow Powder is an antimicrobial powder used for the treatment of mild mud fever (mud rash) and rainscald, which is beneficial for Cattle, Sheep and Goats. Kwillow Powder is also excellent on "thrush" in horses hooves.

Kwillow Powder is NOT made of any part of the Willow tree.

Easy to use, animal and user friendly powder to help the healing process rapidly and painlessly. No burning or stinging on application and no hair discolouration - it just washes off clean.

Gently clean minor wounds and mud fever (mud rash) of foreign matter, do not at any stage pull off scabs in the process of cleaning or healing. Just puff on Kwillow Powder to affected area and watch the healing begin. The beauty of using Kwillow Powder is that you do not need to touch the affected area, it is that easy. And because it is a powder, it does not ‘attract’ foreign matter which can cause further infection.

Your horse could be back to work in no time at all. Kwillow Powder is a must for all grooming / veterinary first aid kits!


  • Do not use on the teats of lactating animals whose milk is intended for human consumption.
  • Kwillow Powder is NOT to be taken orally.
  • NOT for Human Use.

See images below showing progress of Mud Fever treatment using Kwillow Powder.
All images were taken within approximately 10 days - this first two images show progress of the same patch of Mud Fever and the third image shows another patch on the other side of the leg that has nearly healed.
Treatment of Mud Fever - progress shown over approximately 10 days
Please click on image to enlarge.
Check out this article on treating mudfever on the Wilson Sisters website.

And here are some comments from happy customer Helen... I am so impressed with the Kwillow Powder! The heat and swelling was gone within in 2 days and the tacky soft skin started to harden. I'm picking a sign that it had started to kill the mud rash? With moving my applications were sporadic and the weather being warm and wet was not very conducive to healing a fungal infection, however the Kwillow Powder still worked like magic!

EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) approved Veterinary Medicines, Group Standard 2012 (HSR100759).

Kwillow Powder is available to be sold in Australia. Registered under the Australian Government/IP Australia, Trade Mark No. 1590504, 2013.

Kwillow Registration, classified as coming under: Pharmaceutical, veterinary and naturopathic preparations, substances and topical formulations for the treatment of wounds, infections, inflammation, dermatological disorders and skin and tissue repair.

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